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The Masonic Mutual Limited was established in 2014 by three Masonic organisations to offer an alternative to conventional insurance. It is the only company of its kind in the UK to focus solely on providing cover to Masonic organisations and Freemasons.

The Masonic Mutual Limited is owned by its Members. It has no shareholders expecting a return on their investment. The Members pool risks of a similar nature with the aim of achieving a cost-effective alternative to the standard insurance market and providing a perfect fit for Freemasonry.

The Masonic Mutual Limited offers security and consistency of cover. The Mutual retains the first part of each claim on a discretionary basis and arranges an insurance policy in the name of its Members which sits above the Mutual’s retention level. It also arranges insurance in its own name against the risk of a large number of claims falling within the retention. This means the Mutual’s assets cannot be exhausted by either a large single claim or a series of smaller claims.

about-usCertain covers such as terrorism, legal expenses, travel and engineering inspection are offered on a non-mutual basis. The Masonic Mutual Limited arranges these insurances and does not charge Members a commission for doing so.

Our Members benefit from this comprehensive blend of Mutual and insurance covers supported by the best possible service when a claim arises.

For more about the benefits of Membership please read why choose us.

The Masonic Mutual Limited currently covers over £1billion worth of assets. Members include the United Grand Lodge of England and Lodges in Gloucestershire, Kent, Cornwall, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Worcestershire and Scotland.

The Masonic Mutual Limited is managed by Tower Insurance Brokers Limited, a professional management company that specialises in the creation and management of mutuals in the UK and Australia. Tower Insurance Brokers Limited, 7-9 Church Road, Lytham, Lancashire FY8 5LH is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority: FRN479202.

logoThe Masonic Mutual Limited is the only company in the UK to focus solely on providing cover to Masonic organisations & Freemasons.

To request a quote, give us a call on 07542 735203, or email [email protected]

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"It is reassuring to deal with an organisation which understands the business cover a masonic centre requires."

John Cooper Company Secretary Dover Masonic Hall Company Ltd 25th February 2016