Are you covered for your fundraising activities?

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Lodges throughout the country spend a considerable amount of time arranging and organising events. Whether it is to raise funds for The Freemason’ Grand Charity, to support charitable causes at a more local level, or simply to help raise the visibility of a Lodge in its efforts to recruit new Members.

The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI) Festival 2019 is causing a flurry of activity within Lodges as they all strive to reach fundraising targets.

Of course fundraising can be fun, but nevertheless, however careful lodges are even the best laid plans can go wrong. For example when holding an event in the open, lodges will need to consider the potential impact of hiring a venue and the event being cancelled at short notice. Would a financial loss occur for hire charges, cost of food and entertainment? What would happen if someone was injured as a result of a trip or a fall? If the event is open to the public and providing food, are there suitable food preparation and serving facilities; what are the ingredients of the food should someone at the event have a food allergy?

When hiring equipment, lodges need to make sure that the company that has been hired from hasn’t imposed any onerous terms on the lodge, attempting to pass on their liabilities.

Making sure the correct cover is in place for fundraising events can provide a safety blanket in the event of an unforeseen accident occurring. It can also help to protect the lodge against liabilities which the lodge may incur as a result of having to cancel the event.

Members of the Mutual automatically benefit from cover for usual Masonic fundraising activities, such as holding dinners and small fetes. However, should an event have a large number of attendees or involve fundraising activities outside of the usual fates and dinners, please contact our underwriters who will be happy to arrange cover for the Lodge.

Alternatively, non-members of the Mutual can contact us to find out more about how The Masonic Mutual Ltd can help to protect your lodge.