Introduction to The Masonic Mutual Ltd

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The Masonic Mutual Ltd has grown significantly since it was established in 2014 and is becoming well-known in the Masonic community. The Mutual now covers Lodges across the country, from Cornwall to Kent, from Worcestershire to Yorkshire and far beyond the Scottish borders.

Run by Freemasons for Freemasonry, The Masonic Mutual is the only company in the UK dedicated solely to providing cover to Masonic organisations. The Mutual Directors are all senior Masons who work on a voluntary basis. There are no shareholders requiring dividends to be taken out of the business, allowing the Mutual to work solely for the common benefit and long-term good of its members.

The day-to-day administration is carried out on its behalf by Regis Mutual Management Ltd.

Originally set up for Masonic organisations with their own properties, the Mutual received so many enquiries from individual lodges that it expanded its offering by covering Masonic regalia, furniture and general lodge/unit liabilities.  In addition, it is also able to arrange Trustee liability insurance as well as other insurance products.

The Mutual is expected to continue the growth it has already achieved over the last two years, welcoming new members from the wider Masonic community.

If you are interested in receiving a quotation for either Masonic Buildings & Liabilities or Individual Lodge & Regalia cover please complete one of our quotation forms or call us on 07542 735203.