Introduction to our Chairman

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The idea for the Mutual was initiated by the Chairman of The Masonic Mutual Ltd, Robin Furber.

Robin spent thirty-five years as an insurance broker in the City of London, culminating with his final post at a large insurance brokerage looking after corporate clients and their insurance needs. In 2004, he became Grand Secretary General of the Supreme Council of the Ancient.  He retired as Grand Secretary General in 2014 but remains a member of the Supreme Council.  He is a Grand Officer of the United Grand Lodge of England and a number of other Orders.

Whilst he was on the Court of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers, Robin became aware that the Livery Companies Mutual, a mutually owned company, had been set up by certain of the livery companies of the City in order to better manage and protect the insurance risks of their halls and other property assets.  This “common interest” approach allowing same-sector companies to band together in this way struck a chord with him and he mentioned it to the then Grand Treasurer, Nigel Buchanan, PJGW, as being a possibility for Freemasonry, where Masonic halls across the country would all separately insure themselves.  In October 2013, Quentin Humberstone, PJGW, the current Grand Treasurer rang him to say that the matter had been discussed further and asked if Robin would consider taking up the challenge of setting up such a vehicle for freemasonry.

After a period of planning by Robin and the other members of the proto-Board, the Masonic Mutual Limited was launched on 1st July 2014 with UGLE, the RMBI and the Supreme Council among its initial members, together with a number of other Masonic halls.

We are delighted to report that the Mutual is now entering its second year and continues to perform well this year. Robin is keen to stress that the Mutual is being launched for the benefit of masonry as a whole by providing a good-quality product at a good price by a company that is not shareholder driven.